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A view at- Cross-platform SmartPhone App Development

We can see in this network world cross platform is playing conjunctive role in the field of smart phone app development. It has gained an enormous importance in the times when natives yearn for online existence and mobility drives the traditions of communication. Mobile app developers are having a great use of this.

All that popularity and assured space comes from the way it falls in to commit to a larger role and penetrate better with the mobile dynamics.

But, there are a number of things still awaiting approvals from populace who make use of them, and this formulates the existence of cross-platform applications into a type of ‘secondary’.

So, preferring the cross-platform is a whether good idea or a bad thought. Unless we turn up with a decision done for each point in favour or against, we will not be competent to know the reason behind having, utilizing or even bringing up the cross-platform aptitude.

Here we have discussed several pros and cons of cross-platform mobile app development:


Code is reusable:

This is something what we get acquainted with hybrid smart phone technology for primarily. You are only required to write code one time and use it to all the platforms. Merely put, you just create one program and make use of it for all the other platforms you desire to see your application working with.

Simple access to Plug-ins:

All the significant Cross platform frameworks such as Appcelerator and PhoneGap allows you to make use of extensions and modules which can be used with diverse services and tools to improve your application’s functional validity as well as range.

Easy to Create:

Only a programmer who has experienced working on these frameworks can visualize how trouble-free it is to jump in and utilize. HTML 5 plus CSS 3 is supported through most of the cross platform mobile frameworks that makes its actually easy to work out more plans jointly for all the platforms devoid of worrying regarding the quality and consistency.

Reduced cost:

This is one of the additional benefits that make it worth using as well as get it more recognized and popular around the world.


Not certain that it will support every feature:

At this moment, this is a serious trouble with Hybrid applications. You cannot expect each and every feature or module of Apple, Google or Microsoft to support the frameworks you create the cross-platform application on. There are a lot of restrictions set on accessing a variety of facilities and this gets it highly unsure to have several features there.

Code running could be lethargic:

The running and processing speed of codes can face speed issues every so often. This is something what experienced by app developers using the cross-compliance procedure and has been reported to be pretty much there with all the alternatives we have with hybrid app development

Lacks graphics plus 3D support:

In actual fact, there are sometimes critical quality issues experienced by hybrid applications with graphics and 3D display.

Vendor Lock-In:

The majority of frameworks you would see make use of their individual sub-set of JavaScript. This implies if you want to move to any other framework in future you would be required to do struggle keeping it ideal with the latest arrangements.

Tool Restriction:

This is an additional disadvantage providing mobile app developers bad impression regarding cross-platform app development.

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