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Restaurant Menu Order System Features


Restaurant Ordering System provides highly customizable features that are easy to manage. You can customize your website according to the needs and requirements of your business. You can choose one of the various theme options available that suits your restaurant type. Designs are highly customized while you can still use your own domain and website. Features and settings are flexible as per your business needs. Customize the look and feel of your restaurant brand with the customizable menus. Easily integrate and add features to your existing website itself. You can add various options of delivery mode, payment mode and other requirements as per your needs very easily..

Update Everywhere, Instantly

Update your business information across the web from one place - know your information is always accurate.

Pizza Builder

Get all the pizzas be listed in a special category as pizza builder. This special feature is dedicated to all the customers who are pizza lovers. Pizza is a special dish that attracts almost all types of customers. To facilitate the pizza fans, you can list here different types of pizzas available in your restaurant. Let your customers come directly to this feature and choose the pizza of their choices listed under the pizza builder. Let them do not face the hassle of finding pizzas among other dishes and allow them to find these delicious dishes through this special listing of pizza builder itself.

Easy Menu Handling

The easy menu handling feature of Restaurant Menu Order System makes the management of your restaurant quick and simple. You can manage each and every facility of your business at a single place with just a mouse click. Create menu items easily and manage order history effectively. Add food items and organize them in various categories. Take the preview of your restaurant menu from the menu option itself. Update, delete and add new items easily. Apart from all this, you can also disable a menu item to prevent it being displayed on the website while keeping it in stored in your menu tab.

Web ordering

Order status feature available at Restaurant Menu Order System keeps your customers informed about the status of their orders. In a real time scenario, customers are eagerly waiting for completion of their orders and hence keeping them informed about the order status becomes very important. You can update the order status as pending, accepted, preparing, ongoing, cancel or delivered as the case may be. Keeping the status as accepted let your customers assured that the menu item is available at the restaurant and can be delivered soon. And the status as cancelled assures the customers that their orders have been cancelled as per their requests

Facebook ordering

With the Facebook app, you can get better customer engagement and attract huge customers to your restaurant. There are millions of Facebook fans who use Facebook daily. Facebook fans are using Facebook apps like anything. Availability of Facebook app for your restaurant menu can prove out to be absolutely fruitful for your business. Add Facebook app of Restaurant Menu Order System to your Facebook page and start getting orders from the Facebook users. Using the Facebook app is easy and at the same time cost effective. Facebook users can use this app, search your menu and order their favorite dishes directly.

Mobile Web App

With our online food ordering system for restaurants, you'll easily take food orders directly from your website. You can receive and confirm orders from your smart phone.

Getting orders

Restaurant Menu Order System provides an interactive online platform between customers and restaurants. It makes the online purchase of menu items a possibility. Restaurants can list their mouth watering foods and display them on the website beautifully. Customers can place order of their favorite dishes from anywhere and at anytime. Different types of payment modes are available for making online transactions. Customers can place their orders through a variety of ways including social media sites apart from direct means. Orders can be received through email, phone and online prints. In a real time scenario, the online order system proves out to be very effective and efficient as well..

Book a Table

Prior booking of table is a wise step towards a hassle free experience of taking a meal in the restaurant. Book a table feature available at Restaurant Menu Order System provides this facility to your customers. You can also manage the bookings through this feature easily. As per the request received from the customers, you can update your booking system with the exact time and date of booking the table. Apart from this, you can list the number of guests also that are about to arrive at the restaurant and hence you can make appropriate sitting arrangement for them. Customer information including their email IDs, phone numbers and the status of their booking requests can be successfully updated through book a table feature.

Contact Form

For a restaurant, customer is the king. Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority of any business. A satisfied and happy customer can not only become a loyal customer for your restaurant but can bring other customers too. Also, great customer satisfaction results into higher reputation in the market leading to increased sales. Take feedbacks from your customers and manage the feedback easily through contact management feature available at Restaurant Menu Order System. You can get complete information of feedback obtained from various customers including customer name,phone, email and the date of feedback in email and website admin section.

About RMOS

Restaurant Menu Order System (RMOS) is a leading online menu ordering platform. We provide a highly effective and efficient way of placing and delivering online orders. We offer highly advanced features and high technology facilities that enhance the websites owned by restaurant owners. We are pioneered in providing highly customized solutions for your online business. Themes, menus and payment gateways are well included in our web solutions. We offer all types of facilities and features for order management under one roof viz. social media integration, payment integration, theme management, order management, customer reviews and feedbacks.

Sales Report

Reports are essential for analyzing a business. Analysis of business is important for it to progress and grow. Also, every business has a scope of improvement. Reports generated from sales reports section available at Restaurant Menu Order System can help your business to track the performance of the business. You can also get to know the areas of improvement through the sales reports. Reports can be prepared on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. In these sales reports, you can check whether the customers prefer payment through cash or through online payment method. Many such areas of analyzing the business can be checked from these sales reports.

Vouchers & Offers

Discount vouchers and offers attract customers towards the business. These offers bring more and more customers to the restaurants. As a token of your love for your restaurant fans, you can also give some offers to your loyal customers. Restaurant Menu Order System makes the feature of managing vouchers and offers easy and effective. Under this offer management feature, you can list validity period of vouchers and offers. You can update the vouchers and offers as active or expired. The amount of discount on the minimum order price can also be listed well. Management of offers becomes very easy and hassle free through this feature.

Social Media Integration

Social media presence is the need of the hour for an online business. It enhances the business presence on the web and attracts huge visitors to the website that may turn out to be customers for your business. Keeping into account such an importance of social media for your business, Restaurant Menu Order System provides effective integration solution of social media with your website. You can integrate as many social media accounts of your business with your website as you require. Social media integration is very easy. You just need to add the name and URL of the social media pages and you can take advantage of this feature. With social media integration, visitors of your websites and your customers get aware of your social media presence. It becomes very easy to access all social media pages at one place itself. Through the social media management feature, you can add, delete and edit your social media pages whenever required. You can also activate and deactivate a particular social media page as per your requirement. Social media increases online visibility and increases customer engagement to your business. Social media networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are very popular places to get new customers easily.


GPRS Printer Integration

Apart from payment gateway and SMS gateway integrations, an online business requires GPRS printer integration facility too. Restaurant Menu Order System offers affordable and highly customizable GPRS printer integration with your website. You can easily set up the name and logo of your restaurant through the printer. Through the GPRS printer integration, it is very easy to accept or reject the order and get it done printed. By simply pressing the button, you can get receipt of the customer orders. Delivery time can also be input and the order can be easily cancelled if cannot be processed. Header and footer of the receipts to be printed can also be customized according to your business needs.

GPRS printer integration provided by Restaurant Menu Order System helps your business to process customer orders in a fast and efficient manner. Take receipts or print the customer orders easily through the GPRS printer integration service provided by Restaurant Menu Order System from anywhere in the world. This feature helps the business in managing various types of customer orders. Usage of GPRS printer is also very easy and simple for the staff to use. It offers wireless printing solution without the need of a printer or a computer.

Payment Gateway Integration

With the Restaurant Menu Order System, it is very easy to integrate various payment gateways to your website. You can get paid for the orders via popular payment gateways available on the web. Payment is the most crucial aspect in an online business as it involves exchange of money between you and your customer. Payment transactions have to be secured or there is loss of money. At Restaurant Menu Order System, we use secured and reliable payment methods for our customers. The reliable payment gateways allow risk free online transaction of money between the restaurants and their customers. Credit card, debit card, online bank transfer and many other payment methods are available nowadays that assure secure payment transaction between the merchants and the customers.

PayPal is the most popular payment method over the web. You can easily integrate PayPal payment gateway with your website without any hassle. Through PayPal, you can make payments in multiple currencies from all over the world. You can also list cash on delivery as the payment method. According to your business needs, you can choose various payment options that can be well integrated with the website at extra cost.

SMS Gateway Integration

Mobile has become a great device that aids the online business like anything. With a single SMS, you can confirm the order placed by customers irrespective of their current locations. At Restaurant Menu Order System, orders and registrations can be confirmed easily via SMS gateways. We offer cost effective solution for your business keeping into account the maximum message delivery. Various SMS gateways are available that can be easily integrated with your website. SMS gateways are, nowadays, very popular in the online market and hence these SMS services can facilitate many of your customers who prefer the process of confirming their orders through SMS.

We assist you in integrating with the highly reliable SMS service providers that provide secure services through SMS gateways. SMS gateway integration services offered by Restaurant Menu Order System are secured, reliable and affordable as well. Also, mobile messages are faster than from other devices. The unique facility of mobile gateway is that you can intimate the customer from wherever location they are currently at; whether they are in market or walking or travelling. Our SMS gateways will support your business in a 24*7 environment. Whether the customer is signing up in the morning or at night, the requests are easily confirmed through SMS service at anytime.

Custom Theme Integration

Restaurant Menu Order System offers customizable themes suitable for your restaurant type. Themes are important as they make the website appear attractive and eye appealing. Even if you have an existing domain or website, you can use the customizable theme and integrate it with your website. Restaurant menus made available by Restaurant Menu Order System have been designed to match your brand and reputation among your customers.

Website themes play an important role in making an impression about your business in the minds of your customers. Your customer remembers your business from the theme itself and hence theme plays an effective role in online reputation management. Choose from a plenty of themes available with Restaurant Menu Order System and easily integrate them with your website. The brand and feel of your website is depicted from the theme through which your customers resemble your online business.

On choosing the particular theme for your business type, you can manage it with the theme manage feature available at Restaurant Menu Order System. You can also change the theme at anytime which does not affect your website.

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