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Basic Myths of Mobile Application Development

Since app development is a craze now, hence it is obvious having any misconceptions and myths among most of the people. Here we have discussed several basic myths that usually arrive in the mind of clients, app developers usually converse.

Myth #1

Most of the people think that app can be developed in a day. But it is dubious. Whilst you can develop an application in a day, the excellence of anything formed just will not be there. Excusing the quick coding efforts of easy procedural games, anyone that grants you an inclusive business application in a short amount of instance most probably will not be producing something of quality.

Myth #2

People think that one can make use of a template-based product to develop a great application. It is incorrect. On the other hand you can develop a template application from a myriad of online assistance; we simply would not propose it. The application store is flooded with applications and if you desire to get any traction there you necessitate standing out and be noticed. When your application looks similar to all other car dealerships applications you simply will not do that.

Myth #3

if you are not giving a focus on MAU that is monthly active users then you are committing a great mistake. MAU is nothing like a useless point. It is actually the only point that indicates the genuine growth of your customer base. It will assist you recognize why some end users wish to stay on your application and some just run off it to never come back.

Myth #4

Until and unless a company is a big brand, never prefer a paid application strategy. Customers do not choose to go for paid applications unless they have anything to be trusted on. Therefore, paid application is a bad idea to generate revenue. You can prefer several other ways for it such as in-app purchases, mCommerce, and so on. to earn revenue for your industry through applications.

Myth #5

Although a number of businesses believe that the lifetime value of an application means they are generating revenue from their application, but the reality is something else. Actually, the lifetime value of an application is not at all associated to monetary or non-monetary actions. Vast revenue can be taken from an application only via active users.Along with the above-mentioned noteworthy myths, diverse business owners have diverse myths and a myth which is extremely widespread is that the tablets are going to completely capture the enterprises. Records illustrate that 30 % employees will be making use of tablets in their workplaces by the end of present fiscal year. On the other hand, 80 % of these tablets owners make use of their personal tablets and this permeation will decline as the time passes. For further knowledge you can get in touch with our app developers at Inventriks


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