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Creating Video Advertisements for Restaurants

Advertising is the backbone of every successful restaurant. Owners are constantly searching for new and innovative strategies that will creatively advertise their restaurant. Print and in-house advertising is great and effective, but with the surge in internet traffic, restaurants need to advertise online in order to stay in the game and reach out to more customers. Along with the common textual and photographic advertisement, videos are surfacing as the newest online marketing craze.

According to a comScore study, the average internet user watches around 186 online videos a month ranging from news clips to entertainment.  Videos bring together audio and video to engage consumers in a way that text and photos cannot.  Video advertising has the ability to put a face, voice, name, and personality to your restaurant, making it more relatable to diners.

Making videos to advertise your restaurant is not as intimidating as it sounds. Affordable cameras and easy-to-use video editing software allows videos to be used by restaurants of all sizes.

There are several ideas or aspects of your restaurant that you can include in your videos:

  •     Make a Demonstration: videos are great because they let you to make demonstrations for your customers. If you own a Pizzeria, for example, you could make a video showing how your pizzas are made—something you cannot do with just text.
  •     Customer Testimonials: You could ask your loyal customers to be in a customer testimonial video. Customer testimonials create a relatable, at-home feel for viewers by using real people and real experiences.
  •     Introduce Your Employees: If you own a small restaurant, you can use a video to introduce your employees. They could say who they are, what their job is at the restaurant, and what they like most about working there. This will form a connection between your restaurant and your diners by showing them the faces and personalities of your employees.
  •     Give a Tour: Film a video tour of your restaurant. Provide shots of the seating area, but also of the back where diners do not get to see. This will give you customers a better feel for where their food comes from.

Be sure to keep things simple and just stick to one topic or idea per video. Make sure you or whoever is in your video is relaxed and comfortable behind the camera. Your video should be informal and casual—notes are okay to reference, but do not read off them for the duration of the video.  Take the time to practice what will be said so it will flow naturally.  Anything longer than four or five minutes will most likely lose the audience’s attention, so keep your video brief and to the point.

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