Advantages of Mobile Web Design

Five Popular Trends for Web Design

Here we review what some of the trends that have been setting the world of web design in recent times, and will respond to your question about making a modern and sophisticated website.


Web design, such as the Internet itself, is in constant evolution and change, related to adaptation to new technologies and new needs of Internet users.


The return of the HTML


HTML code had been slowed a little in front of the entrance to the Flash programming. However, today’s web designers have taken up explosively development of HTML, which is what is behind all the architecture of a web. The point is that while Flash code is a useful tool as a solution for managing graphics animations, videos and audio, does not help much as the basis for creating a website. This is because, especially with the constant changes experienced by Internet technology, Flash is not always visible in the same way in all systems, for example in the BlackBerry phones. Therefore, the HTML has returned to solve the problem of compatibility in the programming of a website.


The idea is that the website you get to create can be viewed the same way everywhere, in all browsers and all types of processors.


Think of the new gadgets


One of the things you can not ignore the technological progress that has occurred in relation to the creation of new devices. Today, the number of users who surf the internet through cell phones, Iphones and Ipads is increasing. Therefore, you should worry about how to create a website whose design and permit applications can be viewed and accessed from these devices. This means that not only have to think about the resources that computers use to navigate, but also in systems that use mobile devices to allow entry to the Internet.


Less mouse use


This is somewhat linked to what we mentioned in the previous point is that, with the advent of new devices, it has become increasingly popular technology touch screen . This means that our design has to be thought of the functionality required for the simple use of the finger on the screen gadgets, such as Ipads, the Iphone and the new screens of computers that also have this form. This does not mean you forget the whole mousse, but we know that what you can do the simple finger anyway you can do the finger smoothly.


Support for the deployment of Google’s thumbnails


Today, the popular Google search engine not only delivers search results with the extract of the text of a topic, but also displays a thumbnail on the right side of your results page where you can see the site’s appearance site belonging to each outcome. For these images can be correctly observed, it is necessary that websites are not based on Flash, since Flash content can not be displayed in a thumbnail and, therefore, the user can not see what the actual appearance of these pages.


The simplicity of color and graphics


One of the care that must be taken on the appearance of a website is to avoid the overload of images and colors. Simplicity is the best advice when it comes to give the user content that is easy to check and see.


First of all the color palette should be limited to two or three colors, so to give you a clear identity to the page. The second is to avoid colors that are too neutral or boring as white or black. There are good combinations including red, blue or green that can give you a special attraction to your website.

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