Advantages of Mobile Web Design

General Guide To The Web Designer

There are many designers who use tools based on software to generate the web design perfect. However, you may end up with a website that does not look great in a browser or perhaps can not be viewed in other browsers. If the site is created in this way is used to sell products, this can mean significant losses for the business.

First, to create a web design successful you must use images sparingly. The photographs and images are to improve the appearance of a page. However, it should fill the website with more images. Most images have a file size and therefore a large size, can make pages take much longer to load. Since many Web users are not patients, are prone to leaving the page, so it is advisable to keep image sizes smaller than 30 kilobytes. It is important to include alt tags in web design for each image used. These labels can be very useful for users and search engines. Help, in essence, the site is easily recognizable on the web. The second aspect to highlight in theweb design is that a website should offer its users functionality and navigability. Before considering the artistic excellence, you must first think about functionality and navigability. There is no better detail so that a website is flashy and attractive if it visitors can easily navigate.

Third, it should be ensured to prevent the web design requires specific functions of a particular browser. Some functions are compatible with a browser and not others. When you use these features, try them hindering the appearance of the website in different browsers. The fourth criterion to consider is the use of sources. must avoid the use of complicated sources to find and fancy fonts. It is advisable to use common fonts such as Verdana, Arial, Courier and Tahoma. If you must use fancy fonts, is better placed as an image. In the fifth place is the use of Java. This is a technology that is often abused. Java is recognized by slow loading web pages, plus it is a tool that combines with some browsers, therefore, should be used with discretion. Java is used mainly for programming instead of using images and photos.

The sixth point to note is the inclusion of Meta tags. These words are important to drive traffic to the site and have proper SEO . Having keywords in the meta tags will result in a high traffic rank for the website. However, there is the need to be discreet and avoid having too many keywords on the same page, as it can be penalized by search engines. Finally, only the user must have the authority to open a new window browser, thus, avoid the accumulation of pop-ups on the user’s screen, this is uncomfortable for them.

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