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Inventriks brings Online Food Ordering Capabilities to Any Size Restaurant

Inventriks is bringing ecommerce to restaurants across north America. The online live interactive menu that traditionally was affordable only to large restaurant chains can now be a part of even the smallest restaurant’s marketing plan. Access to our software is secure, cloud-based software allows every restaurant to implement their own online menu ordering system for a small initial set up fee and in a price range that starts at just $269 per month.

Nearly 50 percent of Americans have at least experienced online food ordering technology, according to a study by Cornell University. Those restaurants around the United States who use online ordering report that online orders make up an average of 10 percent of their business, according to that same study. This is business that doesn’t require a staff person to man the phones, take the order, or (in most cases) wait on the table and allows the restaurant to ramp up their food sales without ramping up their overhead.

Our personal experience in online food ordering has demonstrated not only an increase in overall sales, but an increased accuracy and price per order for online placed orders as opposed to called in orders for take out or delivery. There is an aspect of ordering over the telephone that seems to impact the overall value of the order. Whether this is a result of a rushed worker answering the telephone, or a nervous customer trying to get the process concluded efficiently, it would seem that when the customer has an unlimited period of time within which to devise their order in a relaxed setting this tends to increase the size and value of each order by as much as 15-25%. Also, the online interactive order provides prompts for ordering options that seem to be ignored in the context of telephone placed orders that decrease the value of the order and increase the potential for errors within the order placed.

Our software is designed for seamless ease in customer use. They simply visit the restaurant Web site (or Facebook homepage), view the menu, and with a few intuitive clicks place their order. The restaurant decides whether to implement dine-in, take-out, delivery or a combination of dining options thru this technology. Customers can pay with a credit card, or opt to pay cash when they receive their food.

Software program allows even the most modest restaurant operation to accept online orders via their Web site or Facebook homepage. Diners can access the menu via their Personal Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, or other mobile device. What could be easier for both the consumer and the restaurant!

Inventriks software is cloud-based, so there’s no software to install or database to update. No one’s going to be updating a server in the middle of a restaurant’s diner rush. There’s three inventriks online food ordering system pricing options for restaurants. Menu Lite is priced at $269 per month plus a one-time $199 set-up fee and a $1 per order transaction fee , The Menu Ultra plan is priced at $499 per month plus a $149 set up fee and includes unlimited transactions. The Menu Listing plan is priced at $199 per month plus a $129 set-up fee and includes unlimited transactions plus interfaces with Facebook, and mobile devices.

System is easy for restaurants to program and flexible enough so that they can disable a sold-out menu item for the night, establish special menus that can be periodically revised, and update pricing of their menu at will without the need of consulting any third party. We will set up your menu along with biographical data, photographs and information to get you started. There’s no risk to signing up for the our menu service. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

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