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Minimalist Web Design

Minimalism is a style or technique in the design that is characterized by extreme thinness and simplicity. Undoubtedly, this may be the type of Web Design more effective, especially for part of the portfolio of a designer. Since in web design content is king, setting up a website for clean, spacious and probably concise efficiently call the attention of users and target audience to whom it is directed to the site. One of the keys of minimalism in web design is the effective use of white space and an order of the elements very well determined. Of course, the white space has to be white, simply refers to an open space in the design, whatever color you use there. White space makes the page content easier to digest. On the other hand, the disorder in a web design minimalist can have several negative consequences for visitors.

Most importantly, visitors can have trouble focusing on the most important parts of the website therefore not be transmitting the desired message. Also, the effective minimalist designs rely on a strong impact with the use a few images and graphics , instead of looking to hit with many of them. In a way, in this aspect too much does not guarantee quality. By using fewer images, must have a strong effect and draw considerable attention from visitors. Similarly, whitespace also helps that the images and graphics stand out positively. Color choices are important for any web design , but still more relevant for minimalist designs. Color combinations play an important role in the appearance of the site. Color can be a very effective method to help the content stand out from others. The simplicity in a minimalist design allows the use of various color options for greater impact, so it is necessary to effectively combine color, typography and images, this can bring significant results.

Finally, for a minimalist web design highly impactful typography should be used effectively. Creating a website with few pictures and additional items is not difficult, but creating one that looks good may be more of a challenge. Many of the best minimalist designs compensate for using fewer pictures and graphics making better use of typography. An excellent typography is able to replace many of the visual benefits that are lost by not using a lot of pictures. For this reason, the font is a critical issue in a minimalist design for other design styles.

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