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Online Ordering For Restaurants

Convenience is easily one of everybody’s favorite ideas. Canada is a fast-paced country, and no one has the time or patience to sit around and wait anymore, especially when it comes to their food. Of course, everyone enjoys a nice, relaxed, sit-down family dinner on a Friday night from time to time; however, the remaining six days of the week are too busy with work, school, and errands to enjoy that luxury on a daily basis. Restaurants are aware of this, and have begun to alter the way they run in order to stay relevant in this society of running around.

Because a large percentage of Canadian cannot afford to waste time on a sit-down meal, restaurant owners decided to offer carry-out and delivery. They then took it one step more with online ordering. Now diners can simply go online, order what they want to eat, and pick or up or have it delivered straight to them. To do this, a restaurant must set-up a type of ordering system. There are two forms of online ordering a restaurant can choose from: portal/directory sites and direct sites.

Portal websites, such as GrubHub and Eat24, are like directories. Customers can go to them to search for a restaurant and then place an order. Customers who want to be more specific can search for a type of cuisine or menu item and order their food based on the results the portal gives them. After an order is placed, the portal re-directs the order to the restaurant, and then sends a confirmation email to the customer.

Direct websites, such as Inventriks Restaurant Ordering System, allow restaurants to build and launch their own online ordering websites and then be in control. Restaurant owners are provided with a step-by-step menu builder that will guide them throughout the setup process. You can customize your menu with pictures and make it unique to stand-out. Inventriks Restaurant Ordering System also has a coupon builder, so you can offer your customers special deals and promotions.

Portal websites are effective marketing tools for sharing restaurants with the local community because they work like similar telephone books; therefore, you do not need to do much advertising for your portal. Portals are a good way to attract new customers to your restaurant. Unfortunately, this aspect also creates competition amongst the listed restaurants. Furthermore, portals charge high transaction fees like 10-15 percent for each order.

Direct ordering websites, on the other hand, have a more affordable cost. Inventriks Restaurant Ordering System charges a fixed rate depending on the plan you choose (basic or drive). In addition, because it will be the restaurant’s own system, they will be able to capture their customer’s data like email addresses and demographics. After creating an online menu, restaurants are responsible for marketing it. They can advertise for their menu on their official website, social networking sites, and in their restaurant.

Some restaurants like to use both portals and direct websites since they each offer different benefits. Both types are capable of the same goal: convenient food service.

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