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Social Media Tools for Web Designers

Communications and social networks are a unique resource that we seek in the various existing web applications. No doubt, Internet has improved our communications in a lush, and allowed us to share information at a pace much faster. As such, the web design tends to jump through different applications just to get an idea of their interfaces. independent Web designers can understand this in the networking solutions perfect for your work. There are many tools out there on the web, and depending on the line of work you can always find quality resources. Therefore, these are some of the tools that facilitate the work of web design and communication of a freelance designer with clients.


* Instant messaging : Instant messaging has come a long way in its development, you may remember all the rooms full chat on any topic imaginable. Today Internet has become a much more refined, and there are other more direct forms of communication. Just Google Jabber IM are 2 excellent method of communicating in real time. The open source Jabber protocol fits perfectly with the needs of a web designer. This medium has been in development for several years and now supports hundreds of platforms. Much better, is to speak for Google Talk where you can hear the text and video chats can be viewed directly in the browser. These two options offer great results and fast communication.


* Dribbble : If you perform any type of design work, such as web pages, graphics , user interfaces, artwork or other creations, then the perfect solution is Dribbble. This is a social networking community that was launched some years ago that focuses on design issues. You may publish works and to make previews of previous projects or future versions of a design.


* Freedcamp : This is a site that helps free project management. It has all the tools you need to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and assign tasks to different people in your group. The registration process is very simple and can accelerate this connection through Facebook, Twitter and Google. Once the registration is done the option to choose which project or work area to view. Freedcamp actually create multiple projects can be managed from a single account. In any space project has a select number of people in the group, and each person is setting up an own list of public functions. It has never been easier to distribute the work of a project between partners and even communicate on topics relevant to the project from the application.


* icloud : This feature unfortunately is reserved for users of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. At present there is a port on Windows or Linux. When you register for an Apple ID can also be set icloud account for free. This comes with an online control panel where you can save contacts, SMS messages, documents, and even e-mail under own direction. Com as an email. With this tool you can choose which parts of the data are synchronized in the cloud. It also has a great utility for designers in general, from the use of the calendar to schedule appointments, as it can be more efficient and useful than a full contact list.

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