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Tips on how to promote your restaurants online ordering website

When implementing online ordering to your restaurants operations, you must "PROMOTE" it to your customers and let them know that your restaurant is now online and able to accept online orders. Whether your capabilities are web ordering, Facebook ordering or mobile ordering you still need to advertise. Restaurants often make the big mistake in implementing a solution and spending lots of time and energy training their staff, and lots of money launching their online ordering system that they forget to effectively let their customers know the solution is now available to them. We have come up with 10 simple tips on things you can do to promote and let customers know you now have online ordering system for restaurant.

  • Promote your domain name on your printed menus
  • Create coupons pushing customers to website
  • Print domain name on business cards
  • Send SMS/text campaigns
  • Send email campaigns
  • Print and display outside banner
  • Print and display indoor poster
  • Print and display window cling
  • Capture email and cell numbers for marketing via drawing boxes
  • Print stickers offering online ordering, this is a good way to promote your business as you can stick them anywhere. (Pizza Boxes, Customers Bags, Take-out Containers etc.)
  • Google PPC
  • Social media advertising on facebook , pintrest etc.

When implementing these solutions you must advertise, these are just a few cost-effective advertisement methods that a restaurant could do to increase awareness and return on investment RIO in a short period.

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