Advantages of Mobile Web Design

Web Sites with Ability to Be Visited From a Smartphone

Over the next few years websites to Smartphone will be as popular as traditional websites.

Google reports that 1 in 7 searches carried out on the Internet are from a mobile device like a smartphone or iPad. By 2013 there will be more searches from mobile devices from desktop computers. In fact, 25% of Internet users worldwide are “mobile” at this time, however, only a few sites on the Internet are enabled for mobile devices.

A mobile site can be a temporary advantage for your business right now.

It is temporary because in the next couple of years all serious companies enabled mobile sites.

What today is an advantage becomes an obligation. So now why is there an advantage?

Search engines optimization try to provide the best user experience to their customers. Your customers are people like you and me who are looking for, well … anything that is looking for. Search engines can detect the specific device type from which it is conducting the search, and give preference to mobile websites on traditional websites when the search is conducted from a mobile device.

The consumer, of course, will not devote much time to see miniature versions of full websites. They have no patience to make the text bigger and move it across the screen to read everything. They will not spend much time trying to press small buttons that are smaller than your fingers, try to concentrate to read small text and thumbnail graphics.

Mobile consumers seek different information and different experience from their desktop counterparts.

Just when we thought we had this issue of “conversion architecture” dominated, technology makes another adjustment for human behavior. Traditionally a website wants to lead your visitors for a “way” or “sales funnel”. They want to control your experience, but make sure that any information that is useful for visitors is available on the site. This also applies to mobile visitors, unlike the mobile information seekers want is typically much less, and very specific.

Understand that the mobile user can be in the running for directions, or knee deep in water in search of a plomero.Entender his client, and give them exactly what they want … no more … no less.

What do you most look for mobile users?

Company information, destination information and social networks. Well, now you understand why the development of mobile website is so important, and what consumers are looking for, you may want to create a mobile friendly version of its website. Depending on the complexity of the design and functions are so basic that you want to (and should be basic) can have a custom site for mobile adapted to your existing site for a minimal investment.

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